Terms of payment:
We accept cashiers checks, money orders, MasterCard and Visa.

Company checks for C.O.D. shipments are accepted from businesses that have made prior arrangements with OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc.  No open accounts.

Damage Claims:
All orders are carefully packed, however, mishandling by the carrier in-route can result in damage.  The carrier is responsible for the shipment from the time it leaves our warehouse until it is delivered to you.  All claims for damage or postage should be immediately reported to the carrier, not to OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc.

Product Disclaimer:
Modification of your vehicle to enhance performance or appearance with the parts sold by OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc. may create dangerous conditions which could cause serious bodily injury, and the buyer hereby expressly assumed all risks associated with any such modifications.

OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc. will not accept responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from the failure of any parts manufactured or sold by OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc.

While OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc. stands behind the products we sell, we cannot accept responsibility for breakage or failure of the parts.  All products sold by OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc. are for off road use only and designed to be used in conjunction with OEM parts only.  All items sold by OFF-ROAD MOTORSPORTS, Inc. are warranted by their manufacturers to be free from defects in materials and workmanship prior to installation.  Any alteration to the product or improper use of the vehicle will void any and all warranties.  Because all parts sold are intended for off road use applications, it is not possible to warranty or guarantee the performance of any item.  Further, we disclaim any liability for actions resulting from failure or parts durability.  We disclaim any expressed or implied warranties.  Our products and the products manufactured by others may be subject to an infinite variety of conditions due to the manner in which they are used, serviced, and/or installed.  Purchasers and users of such products rely upon their own judgment as to the suitable use, selection, service and installation of such products.  All warranty claims must be directed to the manufacturer(s) of the product(s).